Awestruck and overwhelmed by existential musings, stardust, and creation stories, I find solace in creative practice. The physical act of painting kicks up debris from my perceptual memory banks and I am relieved to give them form outside of myself.

I work with a delicate balance of focus and spontaneity to harness a push of creativity that will never happen the same way twice.  The process is allowing the unforeseen to arise and relating to it with deep consideration.  This is a color driven and primordial brainstorm.


As a stained glass artist I am inspired by visual delight and a beautiful object’s ability to positively alter physical spaces. The diverse colors and textures found in glass as well as its natural tendency to catch and cast light draw me to this medium.

I approach stained glass technique and design in both traditional and non-traditional ways to produce striking creations taking form as wearable jewelry, windows, and sculptural pieces. I adorn each work with ornate soldering and wire flourishes that induce a sensory focused and tactile experience.